There is no doubt that shiny transparent glass makes any space look elite and classy. Gone are the days when using glass was just an interior thing. Today, many buildings, especially corporate offices, hotels and residential constructions, prefer to use glass railings for their exteriors to make it look classy and contemporary. One of the things that have been widely discussed is whether glass railings are a good idea. For any open patio or balcony, the norm was to have closely spaced simple metal bars to safeguard the patio or balcony. And if you were feeling a little artsy, the bars would have twists and turns of all kinds to make them look designer. Very soon these metal bars were slowly replaced by glass railings that comprised of rectangular pieces of glass attached via a metal rod at the border of your patio or balcony. There are many reasons why homeowners or even commercial property owners today favor using glass rather than other materials for railing their property.

One of the most crucial things to note is that no matter what kind of decor you have, glass railings always manage to add a unique look and feel to your design. Most popularly used railings today are designed to meet the high building standards of your property whether it is to do with enhancing your property’s external appeal or improving its functionality. Glass railings contribute and form a part of elegant designs, making your outdoor space beautiful and safe.

Here are some top reasons why glass railings are a perfect fit for your property:
Clear view
When you have just bought yourself a home with a beautiful view, the last thing you want to do is cover it up with a steel wall of bars obstructing the view. Having a frameless glass deck means nothing comes in between you and your view. Imagine taking your guests on your deck for the first time and see them gush over how fabulous the view looks.
Easy to maintain
Glass railings are quite easy to clean. Use simple soap water and sponge to get rid of any dirt and grime deposits on your glass railing. Typically, if you have younger kids or pets, your glass railings may need a more frequent cleaning routine. However, this doesn’t mean that your glass ceilings will be cumbersome to maintain. Compared to wooden railings, you are still looking at minimal maintenance. Plus, glass railings work with all kinds of different climates without creating any mildew growth or rusting.
Unlike metal bars or wooden bars, glass railings are much safer and secure for homes that have younger children or pets. With glass railings, parents no longer need to be worried about children or pet’s safety. And they still get to enjoy the view outside without trying to climb up over the top of the rail to get a better view.

If you are keen to add the class and beauty of glass railings to your home without compromising on the safety and looks, contact Doctor Metal Works today for a consultation and a free quote.