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Every home and property deserves to be protected. While Vancouver security might go a long way to safeguard your property, it can only go thus far. You need to a hands-on security to keep invaders permanently away.

Of course, security is not a one-size-fit-all concept but you can fortify your property significantly against invaders. This is exactly what driveway gates offer, helping you to take the security of your property a notch higher.

Wondering why you should get a driveway gate in North Vancouver? Here are some of the most important reasons.


Everyone wants privacy, whether you live in a secluded or rowdy neighborhood but few barely have a handful of it. Most times, fencing off the garage does not offer the absolute privacy one needs, your garage is still left bare and open. You can fortify your yard with the suitable type of driveway gate to accord your home the privacy it deserves. Interestingly, driveway gates are available in various preferences and sizes; this makes it easy for you to get your hands on the best products that suit your needs.

Robust Security

The last thing you want is for invaders to make their way into your yard. If security is your utmost concern, driveway gates are a must have. When coupled with suitable gadgets such as a CCTV camera, the driveway gate – CCTV camera combo is an indomitable force capable of keeping away most invaders. Even when they manage to make their way into your property, exit may be impossible.

Higher Home Price

If selling your home ever comes to your mind, you are definitely at an advantage if your home has a driveway gate or any other security gadget installed. A well-secured home costs higher than less secure ones. With such security feature like driveway gate, you can be confident that the cost of your property would surge in case you plan to sell. Driveway gates do not just have security as their strong points, they also have privacy as a positive point.

Driveway Gate Styles

Choosing an appropriate style for your driveway gate is an important step to customize the gate to your home’s specification. You can either opt for the single swing or the double swing driveway gate and you can even opt for sliding gates or bi parting gates.

If automation is your thing, you may consider opting for automatic gates such as garage door conversions, electric gates, automatic gate closers and so forth. The gate you choose depends on your home design, specification, and requirement but you should also consider the aesthetic design when choosing your driveway gate.

The Need for Proper Installation

It is one thing to get a driveway gate and yet a different thing to install it. Of course, you should think of getting a driveway getting a driveway gate without making an appropriate preparation for its installation.

While there are several driveway gate installation companies out there, you need a mix of efficiency, quality and promptness in the driveway gate installation service. Consider Doctor Metal Works for all your driveway gate needs!