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What are driveway gates? These are important gates which are located at the end of driveways on numerous kinds of residential and commercial properties. Driveway gates are gaining in popularity as homeowners, condo and apartment complexes, and businesses want increased privacy, more security, and an added touch of elegance and curb appeal to their properties. Doctor Metal Works manufactures a few kinds of driveway gates including slide, swing, barrier, and vertical pivot.

There are several types of automatic gates that you can have built and installed. As previously mentioned, we proudly build a few driveway gates ourselves including:

  • Slide Gates – These open and close on wheels from either a left to right or a right to left direction, much like an automatic door does.
  • Swing Gates – These open either inward or outward. This specific design and functionality depends on where the gate is to be located in relation to the sidewalk, as it’s very important to have the gate clear of public property and takes into consideration the safety and well-being of passing by vehicles and pedestrians. These are available as an option in either a single swing or double swing layout.
  • Barrier Gates – This type is often experienced in park garages, and other traffic control areas. They simply lift up at almost a 90 degree angle to admit any passing vehicles and people.
  • Vertical Pivot Gates – These are heavy gates that open up and down to let in or keep out vehicles and people.

Driveway gates provide a myriad of benefits, and some key ones are outlined below:

  • They add to the visual attractiveness of any property
  • They instantly drive up the resale value of the property in the eyes of potential buyers
  • They easily open either through a sliding or swinging motion with just a touch of a button
  • There’s the option of installing a security keypad, providing an extra layer of safety to the residents of the home, or employees of the business
  • They usually come equipped with an automated safety sensor which prevents any unforeseeable incidents from happening