Premium Staircases in North Vancouver

One of the most underestimated components of any property is often times the staircases. Typically, staircases will consist of a set of stairs and its surrounding walls or structure. Usually they are flights of stairs leading from one floor to another and have various components to them such as landings, posts, handrails, balustrades and any other additional parts.
For some properties staircases capture visual interest by being the focal point of the home, and can be creative in designs, arrangements and sizes. Doctor Metal Works embraces the experimental architectural concept of staircases and strive to meet the design requirements of their clients. There are many types of sizes and designs of staircases, and Doctor Metal Works can design them all.

Standard Types of Staircases We Design

Straight Stairs

This is considered to be one of the most common types of stairs that are found in residential and commercial properties because of their ease in going up or down the stairs. These are the easiest to design and can be done creatively in various ways.

L-Shaped Stairs

Also called quarter turn stairs. This is an alternative to the straight stair, with a bend at a section of the stair. This bend is typically 90 degrees and is done by adding a landing at the transition point. These stairs are considered visually striking and can be a good focal point of a home.

U-Shaped Stairs

This is two parallel flight of straight stairs joined by a landing. This is a common theme in most architectural designs and the landing offers a slight resting point halfway up the stair.

Spiral Stairs

These are considered to be the more cutting edge and modern design for staircases, with the steps being made compact and usually threads around a center pole. This is very popular in creating more space in a home and adds a very minimalistic look overall.
Curved Staircases with Glass Railings and Stainless Steel Handrail

Custom Staircases: Design, Production & Installation

Doctor Metal Works explores the creative architecture of staircases by combining various components of materials together for a visually appealing effect. Some of our designs consists of various mixed components from burnished hardwood floors in combination with wrought iron posts and wooden railings to a tasteful and modern combination of stainless steel and clear glass railings. We offer contemporary, modern and minimalistic staircase designs to any property. For more information on the types of staircases we can build, give us a call today!

Our Staircases Installations in North Vancouver