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Hand railings, also called grab railings stay true to its namesake because they are railings that are designed to be grasped by the hand to provide stability or support when ascending or descending stairways to enhance security and prevent falling. These railings are typically supported by posts attached to the steps on a staircase or can be attached to a mount on the walls. Hand/grab railings can be used in a variety of ways from bathroom handrails, guard rails and more. Their sturdiness makes them a reliable and popular choice for those who want to install handrails on the interior or exterior of their property.

Hand railings/grab railings for both interior and exterior properties actually boast a number of benefits. Typically, when someone is walking up or down stairs, the hand rail/grab rail is a reassurance to have for some added comfort and peace of mind.

Some Benefits of Hand/Grab Railings are:

      • They make it easier to go up and down the stairs assuredly.
      • They are useful in preventing accidents because the rails can help individuals regain their balance should a sudden slip or fall occur.
      • They provide stability and can help a number of individuals to navigate the stairs, especially for the elderly, people with mobility problems and more.

They can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property – especially with a customized wooden design to add more elegance and style.Β Doctor Metal Works can help design hand and grab railings for both interior and exterior properties. The most chosen form of material used in hand railings/grab railings is primarily wood, then metal. The wooden grab rails are typically used on the interior of a property, as to protect the wood from the harsh weather elements outside.

The grab rails made of metal such as aluminum and wrought iron are often used in exterior properties, because of the non-corrosive features of the metals, which makes them ideal to use when factoring the exposure of weather.

Doctor Metal Works can design, manufacture and install a wide range of quality hand rails in a variety of creative designs and styles. Our customized hand/grab railing designs can be created in a way that it can suit any type of staircase whether it be L-shaped, curved or spiral. For more information on our hand/grab railing services, please give us a call today!