Not just for show, hand railings are an important safety feature in your home, no matter who lives there. But even though they’re a necessity, that doesn’t mean they can’t be the focal point of the room. To make sure you stair railings don’t just blend into the walls of your home, here are a few things to keep in when choosing handrails.

Wooden Railings

For a timeless look guiding your staircase, wooden hand railings will never be outdated. Whether you want a simple, straight-edged design or an elaborate focal piece, you can do a lot with wood railings. Homeowners commonly go for more natural looking wood types, like maple, walnut or cherry. However, you also have the option of painting them whatever colour will best suit the aesthetic of your home. Or blend both options and have the railing itself a natural wood shade while painting the spindles below.


Iron Railings

While iron railings are commonly thought to be for outdoor use, they can actually become an incredible feature piece within your home. They add beauty and drama to any staircase, especially grand ones that seem to stretch on for miles. They work best for homes that have a contemporary or modern aesthetic. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t install them in traditional homes as well.


Glass Railings

The best option to suit a modern home, glass railings create a wide and open space for everyone to enjoy. This is also a common choice for theatres, office buildings and other commercial spaces. While it might not seem like as though it would add a homey feel to your house, it’ll make your space look sleek. The only drawback when it comes to glass railings, especially if you have children or pets, are the visible smudges that glass will display.


Styling Your Railings

Even though there isn’t much customization work that can go into glass railings, unless you’re interested in engravings across the surface, that’s also the appeal of them. There’s no need to worry over whether or not the colouring or style is the right one to match your vision.

On the other hand, if you want a custom-looking stair railing, then wood and iron are the way to go. They can be shaped and moulded into an almost endless variety of styles, shapes and colour combinations. If you’re interested in custom colours, then wood railings will be your best bet. If you’re leaning towards an intricately designed railing instead, then consider iron hand railings.

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